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Ice Cream For Breakfast!

Ice Cream For Breakfast!

Lindsay Guentzel is a writer and television personality living and working in the Twin Cities. She loves everything that has to do with being at home — cooking, gardening, interior design, DIY projects — and she loves sharing ways to make it happen with as little stress as possible. 

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Celebrate Ice Cream For Breakfast Day on February 6th

The first Saturday in February isn’t the greatest time to celebrate Ice Cream For Breakfast Day when you live in Minnesota (don’t even look at the forecast) but I guess you can’t complain when someone gives you a built-in excuse to enjoy ice cream first thing in the morning, right? 

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a surge in high-quality, artisanal ice cream shops popping up across the Twin Cities. And while Mother Nature might not be cooperating with this celebration (again, don’t look at the forecast), it’s always a good idea to remind you of all the hidden ice cream gems you need to visit. 

Shopping small and shopping local is more important than ever. So whether you pick up some pints to bring home to stock your freezer or enjoy a mouthwatering treat from the comfort of your toasty car, I’m a firm believer that ice cream is always a good idea (one last time, don’t look at the forecast).  

Check out the hours on all of these places before planning your visit — a lot of them have limited their hours because of COVID and winter. 

Honey & Mackie’s


Out west? Make a stop at Honey & Mackie’s off Highway 55 and Rockford Road in Plymouth. What’s great about Honey & Mackie’s is they are always changing up their ice cream selections so you never know what amazing combinations they’ll have in store for you. Also check out their Valentine’s Day Sampler — available in-store only — which features 12 love-themed ice creams for you to share with your own Valentine (or buy two sampler packs and don’t share, we won’t judge). 

Pictured: The Caramel Brownie Stout, an ice cream made with stout beer from Minneapolis-based Utepils Brewing, brownies and salted caramel. Embed:

Milkjam Creamery


Perhaps the most photographed ice cream in the state, Milkjam Creamery on Lyndale Ave and West 28th in south Minneapolis became incredibly popular both for its magnetic colors and its high-quality, unique flavors. Milkjam balances veteran flavors like Black and C.R.E.A.M with monthly seasonal flavors and even has a D.I.Y. Valentine’s Sundae Kit for sale right now which is the perfect treat for the ice cream lover in your life. 

Pictured: Black, the darkest chocolate ice cream you’ve likely already seen all over social media (it is stunning and delicious). This Milkjam staple is also vegan and gluten-free (Milkjam always has plenty of vegan and gluten-free options on their menu so no excuses for you not to enjoy). Embed:

Bebe Zito Ice Cream


Tucked away off Lyndale in Minneapolis’ Wedge Neighborhood, Bebe Zito is the love child of chef Ben Spangler and Gabriella Grant that features chef-driven, small batch ice cream made with high-quality ingredients. The couple, who got engaged and married at the shop, went into business to provide ‘flavor vacations’ to all of their guests — like G.O.A.T Apple Pie (a Cajeta caramel base with roasted apple and cinnamon jam topped with pie crumble streusel) or the Breakfast Club (Fruity Pebbles and Lucky Charms mixed into a citrus vanilla base then topped with caramelized Fruity Pebbles). 

Note: Prior to starting Bebe Zito, Ben — a chef who has appeared on the Food Network for his creations, helped develop some of the most popular ice creams flavors at Milkjam Creamery (including Black, pictured above). And the married team opened their brick-and-mortar store in 2020 which deserves all the applause because life was already difficult enough.  

Pictured: Shop favorite The Crowening with a Valentine’s Day twist — a red velvet Oreo cookie base, malted strawberry cheesecake cookie dough, strawberry Oreos and strawberry jam. Served in a red velvet cone from The Konery. Embed:

Celebrate At Home

This might be the easiest holiday to celebrate at home. Take your favorite sweet breakfast food — waffles, pancakes, crepes, cinnamon rolls — and add a scoop of your favorite ice cream to the top. Eat, enjoy and then take a long nap Saturday afternoon. Perfection! 

My ice cream recommendations? Ben & Jerry’s Oat of this Swirled (buttery brown sugar ice cream with fudge flakes & oatmeal cinnamon cookie swirls), Talenti’s Gelato Layers in Banana Caramel Crunch, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in Skillet Cinnamon Roll and Kemps Ice Cream’s Caribou Coffee Java Chunk.