Bathroom Design Concepts

Bathroom Design Concepts

Bathroom Design Concepts

Ever wonder…. What’s going on in SAM’S home??? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Right now we’re planning to update the bathroom in our Cathedral Hill home later this year and have a few concepts brewing. As most Cathedral Hill homes, it’s pouring with historical charm, tall ceilings, and a touch of beautiful brick accents. We’ve slowly been working on updates over the past year, and the biggest one to be tackled is the bathroom. The bathroom currently has hexagon vinyl sheet floors (no thanks), which are SUPER easy to clean, but it’s time to retire as it’s seen far too many bare feet over its life. Sheet vinyl flooring is great for the perk of cleaning, however for a slippery space, you are more inclined to slip and sprain an ankle. 

These are all my pitiful excuses to update this bathroom because I am a design junkie constantly on the lookout for new projects. And I mean …… it’s a safety hazard for crying out loud. 😉 

(existing bathroom)

Here are the concepts we’re liking so far…


Matte Tan and White Checkered Tile

This concept is inspired by an incredible designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel, you can see above on the top left where she designed a checkered floor and wall situation that is to die for. When I came across similar tiles to these, and at a GREAT price of $4/sf, I knew we needed them in our life. The reason we love this for the bathroom is because it’s warm and not too heavy. It’s busy,  but in a classic way, that in my opinion, will age well and it matches the style of the home so well. It’s matte too, and has enough grout and grip wet floors. Plus, classic checkered patterns have never gone out of style! Cons. None really! Except, The “tan” tile is a little darker than I expected after getting the sample, but I think it would still work. 


Calacatta Viola Marble

This concept is also inspired by a bathroom designed by Sarah Sherman Samuel. It’s actually a bathroom in Mandy Moore’s house! I’ve always been obsessed with this marble style, and I want it to be everywhere in every room of every house I walk in. We are worried it would be too much for the small bathroom, but it could also be phenomenal and just enough, too? We could even just do the floors and pair it with white tile on the walls. The reason we love this is because 1. It’s such a beautiful and unique marble and 2. It has the classic historical charm that this house embodies. Like checkered flooring, marble also has been a constant sought after finish for the home. Cons: this tile is 12×24 so the grout lines could be a bit much for the amount that would be covered, it’s double the price as the first tile and last tile, and its marble, which means you have to be cautious of what goes on it so it doesn’t cause imperfections. 


Glossy White + Matte Black Squares

I’m not sure who did this bathroom above on the upper left, I stumbled upon it on Pinterest and it stopped me in my tracks (if you know the designer comment and we will tag them!). It’s so classic, neutral, and lovely while also being impactful. We love how the black tile on the floors would be so functional because it won’t show as many imperfections that life brings, and it’s matte so great for slippery floors. I love this concept and I know it would be liked by more people since it is so neutral, which is important for the next home owners. I know we would love it and it would be amazing but is it unique enough for Sam and I’s quirky design taste?!? 

What’s your favorite concept and why?! Let us know your thoughts. We will keep posting our home updates and keep you in the loop for ways you can update your home and to not break the piggy bank!

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