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Ginger Bros

Ginger Bros

Ah. The season of giving is here. The lights are up, the snow has officially fallen, and we have opened up the boxes full of Christmas decorations that have been patiently waiting for their triumphant return to fill our bare walls. In which they make every house a cozy scene from a movie.

Holidays are also for family traditions. Every family has their own. Whether that be grandma’s famous sugar cookies, great grandpas tales of seeing Santa for the first time, or like most Minnesotan’s, checking out A Christmas Carol at the Guthrie.

The Isaacson’s brought back a long standing tradition this year that honestly never really received the attention it deserved. The Gingerbread House.

Oh, yes. This was never planned, but always anticipated. Mom would come home with two boxes that were filled with gingerbread pieces, candy canes, gumdrops, and gummy trees. What began as an innocent Saturday afternoon holiday craft always turned into a friendly competition, because if you know the Isaacson’s, we love to get competitive. We were missing our oldest brother and his wife, but they would have probably made us all look bad with their perfect little gingerbread homes…

Sam really needs to step up his game next year. His North Loop Condo theme was a good idea…on paper…

In honor of our great family holiday tradition we brought it back this year. This time, with a modern twist, we sat down as adults on a Saturday night and put our decorating skills to the test. To bring you houses that are all in our market. Sam decided to build a bachelor pad condo. Tony and his wife, Audra created a magnificent two story duplex, and Leah, our sister, created a single family home. This time you get to be the judge, the client, the new home buyer. Which house would you pick? Happy Holidays. Keep the traditions alive. You’d be surprised that the magic of Christmas is alive and well even as an adult.

Sam’s absolutely pathetic North Loop Condo. Sam stated. “It’s an historic building with lots of charm…” I mean the windows are not even installed correctly?!
Tony’s Duplex. Both units will certainly cash flow – until one of his tenants starts eating the walls and roof….
A PERFECT single family home created by our sister, Leah. Watch out for those ice dams! 

Content Creator: Leah Isaacson