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Modern Halloween Décor Hunting 2019

Modern Halloween Décor Hunting 2019

We are super stoked that the spooky season is upon us, and we wanted to share a few Halloween décor ideas to make your home eerie yet modern. That’s a thing right? Let’s make it a thing. Today I’m going to take you around some of my favorite places to find ways to amp up your space with subtle décor that still gets you in the fun Halloween spirit. GO TEAM (by “team” I mean me; I am the team).

October is the best month ever because the traditions are too much fun: the wacky décor, yummy smells and the first signs that winter is coming. I like to think of October as a present for us all because we deserve a gift before we’re stuck being cold for 6 months. 

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I was on a mission this year to find a way to make my home have a touch of the fun spookiness that Halloween is all about, but still be clean and modern. I’d say I hit a slam-dunk; thank you Trader Joes and Target!

I do appreciate fun, crazy Halloween décor so much, but I find in my own home I want to be in the ghostly spirit but mainly through colors and smells and not so much scary faces or spiders (I can’t be the only one, right?). So, I went on a hunt to find ways to make your house fit for a ghoul or a skeleton, but in a modern design way, you know? I call it Halloweeny Modern or Spooky Modern Time. I shouldn’t be in charge of naming things, period.

Making your home Spooooky Modern

(Can they make this a section at Target?)

We think bringing festive décor inside will get you in the ultimate fall mood. Today, I’ll give tips on how to decorate your home with some not so scary décor but scary cooooool décor per se?

The first step would be to come up with a simple color scheme based on your current home design that will be staying for the holiday. I stuck with the classic black, orange and brass. Opting for black décor will give a masculine and modern look while also giving you the spooky feel (boom!).

Let’s start with the Halloween and fall favorite: the pumpkin. The pumpkin is wonderful because it comes in all shapes and sizes, it can be (painted) any color, you can eat it, and you can carve out its insides for fun? (This is a Halloween blog so I’m allowed to say things like this right?) 

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Anyway, my favorite pumpkins are the fairytale pumpkins at Trader Joes (above). They are so stinkin’ cute and they come in these larger sizes as well as mini ones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling with these guys. 

A few of my favorite ways to decorate with pumpkins would be the classic front door scene: maybe you have one or maybe you want as many as possible without creating a tripping hazard (both are accepted and loved). 

As far as in the home, a cute idea would be to have a lot of them spilling out of your (nonworking) fireplace. Your own at-home pumpkin patch! An idea for the kitchen would be using a large clear jar and filling it with the mini fairytale pumpkins creating a cute display.

Another way to incorporate pumpkins would be to have them as a “centerpiece” on your dining table- to style this in a modern way would be to space them out along the middle of the table lengthwise, placing them in a straight line.  Easy. Modern. Festive. Boo!

I found some incredible black plates and bowl sets at Target that would be perfect for Halloween AND reusable for other days throughout the year. I couldn’t find the matte black silverware and black stemware at Target that I was imagining with this table but Amazon has plenty of options.

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When entertaining (or not) I would set the table with these black plates and put a mini pumpkin in the middle for the perfect fall touch. In this case, you could use a mix of black candles and some of these $1 faux black mini plants (pictured with the black plates above) for the centerpiece. 

I found these black candles and thought they would be brilliant since they are simple and they can be used in so many different ways. Black or brass candle holders would look great with these and you can place them on your mantel, bookcases or as centerpieces on tables. Lighting the candles would create the ultimate Halloween atmosphere.  

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To balance out all of this mysterious black… I would add a few pops of fall colors like orange and yellow. You can incorporate these colors through pumpkins or adding texture through faux plants, which is my personal favorite. I found these textured bright yellow plants and thought they were great for fall and something that could easily balance out the black décor. Adding these bright colors with black really makes the colors of fall pop. I found more faux stems, a black pot and stand, and put together a tall statement piece that would look awesome beside a fireplace or even service an end table. 

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My favorite spooky styling items I found were these fairly large black faux plants!!! You can replace your fresh plants (put them in another room besides the common areas) and stick these guys around! They are so cool and I thought they hit my mission head-on for modern spooky décor. 

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Another way to add color would be with these orange vases. I love that they are the perfect Halloween orange but they are also see-through so they aren’t so visually heavy. You can add flower stems in here (black would look cool) or black candles. I would place these guys on bookshelves, any tabletops, centerpieces, or mantels. The black candlesticks next to the vases were another one of my favorite décor items I found. I would go black on black with these. They would look good grouped with the orange vases or literally anywhere around the house. 

My last modern Halloween décor item that I found on this adventure is this black faux fur sheepskin, which you can place on a bench, ottoman, sofa or chair and now you have a stylish piece for your home that can be used any time of the year. But for now it’s an extremely spooky black fur throw and you should be very scared. 

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Holiday decorating should be as least stressful as possible; it’s all about enhancing your living and embracing this fun time of year. If you are finding Target to be out of your budget (because going into Target for anything is already dangerous enough), you can get crafty at home and spray paint old vases you don’t use anymore, end tables, or even branches. Black branches are one of my favorite Halloween décor items because they add so much height and texture. You should basically just spray paint everything black and boom, your lovely home is now spookified

Another paint color you could buy would be a metallic gold color- spray paint old vases and candlestick holders that you don’t use anymore. If you don’t have these things around the house go to the thrift store and you will find a million vases and knick-knacks. You have to get your creative juices flowing and see all the possibilities- all with just a little spray paint without breaking the bank. This is the perfect Halloween craft day you were looking for, whether you’re with friends or kids. Family paint day! (That should go over well—kids? black paint?) Here’s some inspiration for that metallic gold spray painted thrift store vase and black branches from outside…..

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So there you have it, my take on modern Halloween decorating. I hope you enjoyed the Halloween décor hunt 2019. It involves Target and thrifting- the two best things on earth. Don’t let the fun-loving spirit of Halloween pass you by this year- embrace the holiday fun- it only comes once a year anyway! 

Now put on your scary movie (I can’t stress this enough: Halloween Town + Hocus Pocus), light your-dare I say it- pumpkin spice candle, and wear a plaid onesie with a fat pumpkin on the back. And now I will be Googling ‘plaid onesies with a fat pumpkin on the back’ and possibly purchasing.  

I will end with my favorite quote that I heard recently which holds true, “I love that we live in a world with Octobers.”


Created By: Elena Esters @lena.esters