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Modern Halloween Décor Hunting 2019

Modern Halloween Décor Hunting 2019

We are super stoked that the spooky season is upon us, and we wanted to share a few Halloween décor ideas to make your home eerie yet modern. That’s a thing right? Let’s make it a thing. Today I’m going to take you around some of my favorite places to find ways to amp up your space with subtle décor that still gets you in the fun Halloween spirit. GO TEAM (by “team” I mean me; I am the team).

October is the best month ever because the traditions are too much fun: the wacky décor, yummy smells and the first signs that winter is coming. I like to think of October as a present for us all because we deserve a gift before we’re stuck being cold for 6 months. 

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I was on a mission this year to find a way to make my home have a touch of the fun spookiness that Halloween is all about, but still be clean and modern. I’d say I hit a slam-dunk; thank you Trader Joes and Target!

I do appreciate fun, crazy Halloween décor so much, but I find in my own home I want to be in the ghostly spirit but mainly through colors and smells and not so much scary faces or spiders (I can’t be the only one, right?). So, I went on a hunt to find ways to make your house fit for a ghoul or a skeleton, but in a modern design way, you know? I call it Halloweeny Modern or Spooky Modern Time. I shouldn’t be in charge of naming things, period.

Making your home Spooooky Modern

(Can they make this a section at Target?)

We think bringing festive décor inside will get you in the ultimate fall mood. Today, I’ll give tips on how to decorate your home with some not so scary décor but scary cooooool décor per se?

The first step would be to come up with a simple color scheme based on your current home design that will be staying for the holiday. I stuck with the classic black, orange and brass. Opting for black décor will give a masculine and modern look while also giving you the spooky feel (boom!).

Let’s start with the Halloween and fall favorite: the pumpkin. The pumpkin is wonderful because it comes in all shapes and sizes, it can be (painted) any color, you can eat it, and you can carve out its insides for fun? (This is a Halloween blog so I’m allowed to say things like this right?) 

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Anyway, my favorite pumpkins are the fairytale pumpkins at Trader Joes (above). They are so stinkin’ cute and they come in these larger sizes as well as mini ones. The possibilities are endless when it comes to styling with these guys. 

A few of my favorite ways to decorate with pumpkins would be the classic front door scene: maybe you have one or maybe you want as many as possible without creating a tripping hazard (both are accepted and loved). 

As far as in the home, a cute idea would be to have a lot of them spilling out of your (nonworking) fireplace. Your own at-home pumpkin patch! An idea for the kitchen would be using a large clear jar and filling it with the mini fairytale pumpkins creating a cute display.

Another way to incorporate pumpkins would be to have them as a “centerpiece” on your dining table- to style this in a modern way would be to space them out along the middle of the table lengthwise, placing them in a straight line.  Easy. Modern. Festive. Boo!

I found some incredible black plates and bowl sets at Target that would be perfect for Halloween AND reusable for other days throughout the year. I couldn’t find the matte black silverware and black stemware at Target that I was imagining with this table but Amazon has plenty of options.

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When entertaining (or not) I would set the table with these black plates and put a mini pumpkin in the middle for the perfect fall touch. In this case, you could use a mix of black candles and some of these $1 faux black mini plants (pictured with the black plates above) for the centerpiece. 

I found these black candles and thought they would be brilliant since they are simple and they can be used in so many different ways. Black or brass candle holders would look great with these and you can place them on your mantel, bookcases or as centerpieces on tables. Lighting the candles would create the ultimate Halloween atmosphere.  

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To balance out all of this mysterious black… I would add a few pops of fall colors like orange and yellow. You can incorporate these colors through pumpkins or adding texture through faux plants, which is my personal favorite. I found these textured bright yellow plants and thought they were great for fall and something that could easily balance out the black décor. Adding these bright colors with black really makes the colors of fall pop. I found more faux stems, a black pot and stand, and put together a tall statement piece that would look awesome beside a fireplace or even service an end table. 

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My favorite spooky styling items I found were these fairly large black faux plants!!! You can replace your fresh plants (put them in another room besides the common areas) and stick these guys around! They are so cool and I thought they hit my mission head-on for modern spooky décor. 

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Another way to add color would be with these orange vases. I love that they are the perfect Halloween orange but they are also see-through so they aren’t so visually heavy. You can add flower stems in here (black would look cool) or black candles. I would place these guys on bookshelves, any tabletops, centerpieces, or mantels. The black candlesticks next to the vases were another one of my favorite décor items I found. I would go black on black with these. They would look good grouped with the orange vases or literally anywhere around the house. 

My last modern Halloween décor item that I found on this adventure is this black faux fur sheepskin, which you can place on a bench, ottoman, sofa or chair and now you have a stylish piece for your home that can be used any time of the year. But for now it’s an extremely spooky black fur throw and you should be very scared. 

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Holiday decorating should be as least stressful as possible; it’s all about enhancing your living and embracing this fun time of year. If you are finding Target to be out of your budget (because going into Target for anything is already dangerous enough), you can get crafty at home and spray paint old vases you don’t use anymore, end tables, or even branches. Black branches are one of my favorite Halloween décor items because they add so much height and texture. You should basically just spray paint everything black and boom, your lovely home is now spookified

Another paint color you could buy would be a metallic gold color- spray paint old vases and candlestick holders that you don’t use anymore. If you don’t have these things around the house go to the thrift store and you will find a million vases and knick-knacks. You have to get your creative juices flowing and see all the possibilities- all with just a little spray paint without breaking the bank. This is the perfect Halloween craft day you were looking for, whether you’re with friends or kids. Family paint day! (That should go over well—kids? black paint?) Here’s some inspiration for that metallic gold spray painted thrift store vase and black branches from outside…..

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So there you have it, my take on modern Halloween decorating. I hope you enjoyed the Halloween décor hunt 2019. It involves Target and thrifting- the two best things on earth. Don’t let the fun-loving spirit of Halloween pass you by this year- embrace the holiday fun- it only comes once a year anyway! 

Now put on your scary movie (I can’t stress this enough: Halloween Town + Hocus Pocus), light your-dare I say it- pumpkin spice candle, and wear a plaid onesie with a fat pumpkin on the back. And now I will be Googling ‘plaid onesies with a fat pumpkin on the back’ and possibly purchasing.  

I will end with my favorite quote that I heard recently which holds true, “I love that we live in a world with Octobers.”


Created By: Elena Esters @lena.esters

How to Stage Your Home to Sell ! On a Budget!

How to Stage Your Home to Sell ! On a Budget!

Staging your home to sell can seem like an expense you don’t particularly want to endeavor, however it can increase the value of your property and get it sold faster…pretty brilliant aye? Well, this is all possible after a little process of decluttering, depersonalizing, deep cleaning and decorating. (Say that 3 times fast) Helping potential buyers fall in love with your home takes more than your average home cleanup day, BUT it’s a practice worth completing and we’re here to help make it easier + budget friendly. *Hand Clap*

Most sellers have mixed feelings about changing their home to sell, why change when it’s already decorated perfectly by them, the masters themselves?! It’s important to not take into account your personal style and to be open to show off your home in the best light to the masses.

Declutter, Depersonalize, Deep Clean, + Decorate


Typically the most time consuming, yet essential task to this process is decluttering your home. This can feel overwhelming if you’ve lived in your home over a long period of time. BUT, don’t assume buyers won’t take a peak inside that drawer in the very back corner that gets opened once a year. Yes, this means it might be time to consider cutting down your 359 kitchen gadgets to your top 340.5 *Gasp* In all seriousness, it is hard to detach yourselves from the items that you consider possibly needing one day. However, a clean and emptier home= a bigger home where homebuyers can imagine their life and personal items in it. A good rule of thumb is to go through every drawer and every closet and try to reduce about half of what is in there. Go room-by-room and start by clearing everything off the floor besides basic furniture; this includes toys, baskets and anything living under the sofa, bed or end table. Next, remove everything from all surfaces, from your kitchen counters to your end tables. Then move to the treacherous insides of drawers, cupboards, and closets. You want homebuyers to notice how roomy these storage areas are so they will see the potential room for their own items. Lastly, if there’s furniture in rooms that don’t have a specific purpose, relocate them to a more useful spot or set aside for storage.  


Homebuyers want to feel like it’s their home when they walk in and though the family pictures from Disney World and your taxidermy collection are lovely, they might have to be set aside in this phase… Depersonalizing is broadening your audience, so sticking with neutral and universal décor is always a win.

Deep Clean

A deep cleaning may come naturally to you and if not, you might want to consider hiring a professional cleaner for help. You can expect homebuyers to be eyeballing everything from baseboards to the creepy depths under your sink, so every detail must be accounted for!

Decorate …while keeping your personal style out of it

You should be extra minimal with furniture and accessories throughout the home to let the new homeowners have the mental space to visualize their own items in place. A budget friendly tip for staging your home to sell is simply utilizing your current furniture in a newway. Think about focal points in each room and what will sell the house, like that amazing brick fireplace or the stellar view outside. Place your furniture around these features to highlight them. As far as accessories, use what you already have like old books or pottery to add texture and color. Go flower picking in your back yard and place little bud vases around. If you are feeling stuck when it comes to decorating surfaces like bookshelves and tables, a good rule of thumb is to group items in odd numbers, especially groups of 3, with varying widths and heights. Accessories are the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color to make each room special and memorable for homebuyers. Add color with art, pillows/throws, or a beautiful rug. If your current items aren’t cutting it, run to IKEA for all the wonderful cheap knick-knacks. Another golden spot is the THRIFT STORE; there are so many treasures there for bookshelf and table staging


If your walls seem dingy or subpar, you may want to consider painting for a fresh new look! Painting the main common areas such as the living room, kitchen, dining room and hallways all the same color makes a home feel larger. Going with a neutral color, like white or light gray, creates a clean blank slate for the new family moving in. We recommend going with a bright white for baseboards, like Chantilly Lace, and a warmer neutral for the main walls. Here’s a list of our favorite neutrals by Benjamin Moore below:

Room-by-Room Guide for Staging

Living Room

If your current sofa could use a face-lift, a slipcover could be the answer, or if we’re only dealing with a small stain, try covering it with a colorful throw or pillow. The living room is a place that homebuyers envision how they’ll be spending their free time, so make sure the furniture sizes are proportionate for the area, and that it embodies a relaxing social environment. When it comes to accessories, start with a clean surface and add minimal colorful décor items- you don’t need much! Small vases, pottery, books, and plants are great for living room décor. If you need plants, check out Target for faux and Trader Joes for live. Other accessories such as pillows and throws should also add a little color and texture to the space. Play with groupings of 3 pillows on one side of the sofa, and throw a blanket on the other side for good measure. Place a couple of books and a candle on the coffee table for the finishing touch.


The kitchen should feel fresh clean and organized, so make sure all cupboards are clutter free and in an organized fashion. This may mean reducing the number of cups and other dishes down to one set, even though they are behind closed doors. Removing everything from the countertops including items like toasters and coffee makers help emphasize the more important features in the kitchen. A couple of wooden cutting boards, cookbooks, and a jar of bright fruit will do just the trick. 

Dining room

Experiment with your dining room table and chairs to make sure they are placed in the most practical way keeping in mind the flow of traffic. Typically homeowners are looking to entertain, so take advantage of the space if it’s available. To set the mood of a functioning dining room- set the table with colorful dishes, cups, and napkins along with a top of the line centerpiece (a.k.a. flowers from ya yard!!!)


Attempt to gender neutralize the bedrooms- ditch the princess bedding and monster truck posters and go for a spa-like mood to make these rooms feel like a sanctuary. You want these spaces to feel as cozy and relaxing as possible, so the fluffier the bedding and pillows, the better. Whites, blues and greens are great colors for the bedrooms, so keep these colors in mind when choosing bedding + pillows, too. Add a lavender candle and a good book to the bedside table and you’re set. Tranquility complete


The bathroom should be SQUEEKY clean with almost everything put away. So, staging these rooms is a piece of cake. Keep all personal items and toiletries packed neatly under the sink, and stage the bathroom counter with fluffy white towels and a decorative bar of soap.

Office/ Extra Rooms

If you have extra rooms that don’t have a specific purpose- give them one! Whether it’s a guest bedroom or an office, give homebuyers an idea of what they can do with these spaces and how much potential they have. It doesn’t have to be decked out in accessories and furniture, but a known purpose is necessary so it doesn’t seem like wasted space.


If you have a mudroom, this area can be a big selling point for homebuyers, so make sure to highlight it! Remove all personal items that aren’t neatly packed away in a basket or closet, and have a few pairs of your favorite sharp looking shoes neatly placed. If you have hooks, hang a snazzy leather or denim jacket on them to set the scene. Functionality and organization is key!

Our Last Two Cents…

It is recommended when selling your home to have the best marketing for it. Getting professional pictures taken is a way to really sell your home and you need to show off all your hard work anyway! A couple of tricks to capture the best pictures and wow the crowds are to make sure every light is on and all the window blinds are up for optimum natural light, a high priority homebuyers look for. & Lastly, some yummy snacks and nice tunes for your guests can never go under-appreciated. Happy house selling!!

Created by the amazing Elena Esters – @lena.esters

My new best friend, Euphorbia Trigona.

My new best friend, Euphorbia Trigona.

The time of year where the pasty skin that has been in hibernation for months is exposed to the rays of the sun. The first sunburn of the year is almost brag worthy. Whether that be a terrible farmers tan *Sam Isaacson* or bright red shoulders. We are proud of that first sunburn just like that nostalgic feeling of being proud to end that last day of school. Summer is here and oh we are so ready for it.

For most Minnesotans this means we are outside. Any chance we can get because we do not take this for granted. So let’s talk about how to bring that summer vibe into your beautiful home. There is a new shop in town that is a haven for desert vibes in the middle of industrial Minneapolis. An exceptional pocket of sunshine with a cement exterior that holds lush and prickly life inside. Mother (formally known as Madre) is exactly what Minneapolis needed. A smooth and eye pleasing interior that holds and houses multiple cacti and other plants. Each one with their own personality and attitude to match any homes interior decor. But, which one to choose?

It was a difficult decision. We found ourselves saying, “Oh, he’s so cute…Oh wow, she’s a statement!” It was a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday in the heat picking out a cactus just right for the interior of the home we were purchasing it for. It had to have character, class, be a little funny and extremely tough.

Finally, we found it. A Euphorbia Trigona. Also known as an African milk tree. It was perfect. Planted in a terra cotta pot and standing upright with about 3 different stems. This guy was ours. Upon purchase you will receive a booklet on how to take care of your beloved new friend, no over watering. This is our kind of plant. This is a “non-planters” dream!  

Not only is this unique cactus a great addition to a home, but will be in your family for yours to come. Like a child, but not really, but kind of.  So with that, we left Mother with a new family member and buckled him in safely in the back seat and onto his new home.

Check out their instagram page @shopmother

Location: 2400 N 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN

Tues – Sat 11am – 7pm & Sun 12pm – 6pm

Content Creator: Leah Isaacson

Hip-Hop Easter Tips

Hip-Hop Easter Tips

If you’re anything like us, we are all feeling the aching need for spring. That crisp air that gives you chills but the good kind, like, “oh hey, I can get out my sweet white sneakers that I bought last year. “ We’re almost there. This period of time before spring can feel like the last haul of a work out when you’re feeling exhausted and just want to lie down. But you keep pushing and like true Minnesotans, we keep pushing through Sprinter. Sprinter: When it snows on the first day of spring. But during Sprinter a beautiful holiday occurs, Easter, a time to get together with family, eat delicious egg bakes, and celebrate the miracles of life. Whether you’re hosting Easter or just showing up with a side, we have some trendy ideas for a different take on your typical Easter décor. Whether you’re a millennial that wants to decorate your open airy apartment or a new homeowner who is hosting their first Easter, we have the ideas for you to keep your focus during this time of transition from winter to spring, to make the most out of this holiday.

Chalkboards are our love. For our Easter brunch we’re using it as a menu. We bought this particular one at a local antique store. However, you can find a chalkboard at excellent price points at Target, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels. Chalk can get messy, so use chalkboard markers for a clean look. As Vanilla Ice would say, “brunch brunch baby.”

Here is a modern take on the classic Easter basket. We feel that Easter baskets are bought every year but there is no use for them after one day. So why not purchase a “basket” you can use year round. We love this one from Carver Junk Company. After Easter, use this in your bathroom to hold soap and any other small toiletries. You could also use this as a desert tower. Place cupcakes, cookies, and cake for another hosting event. Or use it in your bedroom for plants, jewelry, or even your remote. The possibilities are endless.

Try this! Take any candle stick holders in your house and place an egg in each one. So easy.

We are obsessed with succulents. Succulents are easy to maintain and their colors and different shapes and sizes are perfect for centerpieces. For pots, take old bowls or other plant holders you haven’t been using. Fill with dirt and add small rocks or sand to fill it in at the top. We made ours at Carver Junk Company during their Succulent Bar.

Enjoy, friends!

Author & creator: Leah Isaacson



Here is a normal 4 step process for our clients:

Step 1. Buy a house. (YAY!)

Step 2. Buy furniture for said house. (FUN!)

Step 3. Buy things like a lawn mower, a snow blower and maybe a water softener.  (WAY LESS FUN!)

Step 4. Realize your budget for art and accessories is non existent.  (BOO!)

Oh, those poor walls.  They are usually the last thing to be thought about, but the right art can truly make a whole room!  Well, no worries.  We have a design hack to make your walls and wallet happy.  How do you feel about $5 art?  Purchase from the shops below and they will email you a high resolution image to print.  Easy enough?!

Hello Gorgeous Wall Art has a bit of everything, but we are in love with this photograph!  Most downloads are under $6.

We love the tranquility of water and this it works with most design styles.  Not digging blue?  Try the same option in black and white. OHFINALE shop has 217 downloads from $2-10.

Is modern art more your style?  Check out Paradigim Shop for some awesome options.  I love their hilarious quotes and prints too.  I don’t think there is a single option I don’t love.  Most options are around $6 and you can get 30% off if you buy multiple prints!

This is our favorite saying at Fox Homes and we love this print!  I Think You Ink has some great inspiration and hilarious quotes for $4.  Don’t love the options?  You can create your own quote!

Who doesn’t love baby animals?  We think they are the perfect fit for a nursery or kids room!  Lila+Lola has awesome downloads of baby animals and other stunning photography.  We figured the fox was a fitting example, but we love all of her animals!  The bunny front and back combo?  You’re killing us!  Most options are $6, but are currently 30% off!

All you need is a computer and a printer.  Seriously.

When it comes to framing, there are a millions of options!  Most people have a few unused frames hanging around.  Otherwise a trip to a Goodwill or a Target can be an inexpensive way to find a great frame. Maybe you’d like a more unique way to hang your art?  Stay tuned for another blog post about it coming up!

Published By: Heather Fox

Contact: Heather@FoxHomes.com



The Isaacson Brothers will make it their goal to build a long-lasting relationship with you through an exciting and unconventional process. With our tailored method to buying and selling in the Greater Minneapolis/St Paul area, your interests will always come first.

Meet Sam

Growing up in the Great State of Minnesota, I have a strong knowledge of the Twin Cities market. Combining an educational foundation in legal studies in business, years of experience in the banking industry, and a genuine dedication to clients makes real estate a true passion. In an industry crowded with special interests and transactional mentalities, I attempt to bring back the human element to the home buying, selling, and renovation process.

A home is a true blessing. My brother and I will pair you with the best designers, contractors, and financial consultants. What’s my favorite thing while I am not engulfed in real estate market?  Being Uncle Sam to my beautiful twin nieces – Hayden & Harlowe.

Meet Tony

I have built my real estate foundation with a background in finance, residential mortgages, and banking. Growing up in the Twin Cities certainly sparked my passion for real estate. Now living in Downtown Minneapolis with my fiancé, we enjoy all of the amazing things this city has have to offer. Having earned my MBA, I will provide you with knowledgeable guidance for one of the most important decisions you and your family will ever make.

My brother Sam and I have realized our dream by representing a real estate company that stands out by truly valuing and putting the client first. We will be with you every step of the way from buying and selling to renovating and design.



I’ve had bathrooms on the brain lately as I’ve been working on an update to our guest bathroom. Part of that process has been choosing a new mirror to replace the builder-basic version that had been gracing our wall before. Just adding a large, round black framed mirror added some much-needed energy and character to the room.

Just because a mirror is functional doesn’t mean it can’t be unique and beautiful, too! Consider swapping out your current mirror for a new, round model. It’s a fun way to inject some personality into your bathroom – and much quicker, easier and less expensive than replacing a vanity or tile. The curved mirror softens all the straight lines and square edges found in a bathroom, and it’s a fun, low-effort change that makes a big impact. Here are some ways you can use a round mirror to breathe some new life into your bathroom.

1. Pair a round mirror with sleek wall sconces or hanging pendant lights on either side.

round mirrorsource


round mirrorsource

round mirrorsource


2. Feature two round mirrors over a double sink vanity. Below, Heather opted for two round beauties with leather straps to add more height visually and coordinate with the industrial lighting.

From our Fox Homes Stoneybrook project

round brass mirrorssource


3. Or, instead of two smaller mirrors, opt for one giant round mirror over your double vanity to add some drama to your morning routine and reflect more light into your bathroom.

large round mirrorsource


4. If you’re wondering whether or not your existing centered light will work over a round mirror – fear not! Whether you have a single light or a multi-bulb bar light, a round mirror can not only work but add some style and impact.

round mirrorsource

round mirrorsource


Now, circle back and imagine these same bathrooms with square or rectangle mirrors instead of their beautiful round versions. Not as interesting, right? Could your room benefit from a round mirror? Here is a roundup of some of our favorites that will fit any wall and any budget. Choose from warm woods, metal finishes, or sleek black frames. Sources are linked below!

round mirror rounup

Sources:  Threshold 27″ – Brass $50   |  Umbra 36″ – Black $150  |  CB2 40″ – Acacia $300  |  Rejuvenation 30″ – Walnut $300

West Elm 48″ – Rose Gold, Brass or Nickel $400-$500   |  West Elm 30″ – Bone Inlay $350